Spa & Fitness


Relax Massage:
Its main objective is to lead the body toward a state of relaxation and comfort, which —given lifestyle we have today— would be very difficult to achieve naturally.

Relieving massage:
Manipulations performed on one or more muscle groups with contractures. It is used to lower stress levels caused by stress, repetitive movements, bad postures, which, in the long term, cause ailments and general body malaise.

Drainage massage:
The main objective of drainage is to stimulate the lymphatic system to increase the elimination of liquids that sometimes accumulate between cells.

Shaper Massage:It increases the body temperature, facilitating the movement of adipose tissue and enhancing circulation and local metabolism, thereby eliminating toxins and localized fat, improving irrigation and lymphatic drainage. It is thus achieved a marked reduction of the treated area contour, shaping the figure.

Contractor (electrodes):The electro-stimulation is one of the most used beauty treatments when it comes to tone and firm the tissues in a few sessions. Also, this treatment helps the circulatory system allowing a better venous and lymphatic return. As a result, this helps eliminate fluid retention, increase circulation and eliminate toxins. Depending on the program used, it serves to shape and tone the body, to reduce cellulite and flaccidity, to increase muscle mass, to gain strength, as well as for injury recovery.

Facial Cleansing:
The first step of Facial Spa is a face scrub to remove impurities and to prepare the skin for the application of mud mask. Mud is a moisturizing product, because it retains and increases the water content of cells, re-mineralizes the skin, producing an extending and anti-wrinkle effect. After removing the mud mask, the skin is moisturized with creams.

Body Scrub:
Deep cleaning is done smoothly; it provides multiple benefits. By applying the exfoliating products with a light massage, it prevents skin aging, activating circulation; it detoxifies naturally the epidermis, stimulating the different processes of removing dead cells and other impurities, revitalizing the skin.

Mud, Body Polishing:
Body cleansing, where the first step is the exfoliation with coffee beans. Coffee and caffeine contain properties that improve the appearance of skin, promoting firmness and vitality. One of the biggest benefits of coffee for the skin is its action against cellulite and orange peel effect. Caffeine applied to the skin has the ability to reactivate blood circulation, it facilitates the rupture of fatty tissue clusters, and increases molecules levels that burn fat in the body. After exfoliation, hydration with cream is the next step, and to complete the treatment, the body is covered with a mud mask.

Thermal walk

Sauna, hydromassage, shower and pool circuits. The perfect combination of relaxation, health, beauty and healthy life.

Sauna:cleanses the skin deeply and refreshes it, eliminating impurities. Reduces joint pain, relaxes, strengthens and stimulates muscles and the body after exercise, relaxes the nervous system, thus releasing tension and reducing stress. Complement the sauna session with a cold shower or a dip in the pool.

Hydromassage: Stimulates arterial circulation, relaxes muscles and opens pores, promoting the elimination of toxins and combating fatigue and nervous tension. It also relieves pain from arthritis, bursitis and any bone or muscle disease.